The Wealth

Pure gold & zircon elements

E.M. Remarque said that every idealist's goal is money. After all, money gives freedom and freedom is life. mARTin Diamond presents one of the crown jewels of its work, aptly named The Wealth.

Silver luck Flower

White gold techniques & Swarovski elements


The Silver luck Flower is a unique and luxurious work of art created by mARTin Diamond that captures the 3D ancient symbol of the flower of life in all its diversity, beauty and uniqueness. This perfect symbol is considered the most powerful symbol.

Golden Horous Eye

Pure gold techniques & brilliant

Golden Horous Eye is a unique work of art by mARTin Diamond. The uniqueness of the image comes from 21 combined techniques, 3D structured details and the use of noble materials such as 24 carat pure gold, crystals, cubic zirconia and brilliant cut diamonds.

The Unification

White gold techniques & zircons

The Unification, as the name suggests, is the unification of all wisdoms and absolutes from which the whole universe has arisen. This exclusive image is comprised of 4.4 billion year old cubic zirconia and pure gold. The work symbolizes the principle of a state of peace from the past, present and future.

Diamond Puzzle 

Twelve Gods

mARTin Diamond presents the exceptional painting Diamond Puzzle - twelve Gods, which consists of 12 interconnected pictures, where a diamond made of 12 carat white gold and the letter M made of 24 carat pure gold are depicted.

The Connection 

Pure-medium technigues

"Knowing that we know what we know and knowing that we do not know what we do not know is true knowledge and balance." mARTin Diamond has created for you the golden painting The Connection, which suggests the unification of opposing forces into one whole.

Diamond Angel

Pure-medium techniques & Brilliant


The Diamond Angel image is created using a pure-medium technique with macro details and icons of the divine angel in 24-carat gold and a brilliant diamond in its heart.


decorative technique with white gold a zircon

Another work currently being prepared is the Tree of Life, which is a universal symbol of power. In order to ensure the know-how of the creation, the work is digitized with the function of overlapping details.


pure gold

The unique artwork created by mARTin Diamond has been named Allatra. The symbol in its center, called Allantra, signifies a direct connection between humans and God, divine power, and energy. 

Fatima Hamsa

Pure gold techniques - brilliant

Another exceptional artwork by the artist mARTin Diamond is the Hamsa - Hand of Fatima. It holds a significant place in the Islamic faith. The name "khamsa" means 5 fingers of the hand and also symbolizes the hand of God.

Wise monkeys

The three clever monkeys from the workshop of mARTin Diamond are quite intriguing. One of them covers its ears, another its mouth, and the third its eyes.