Diamond Angel

Pure-medium techniques & Brilliant

The Diamond Angel image is created using a pure-medium technique with macro details and icons of the divine angel in 24-carat gold and a brilliant diamond in its heart.

mARTin Diamond, during the spontaneous creation of pure-medium technique, the wings of an angel revealed themselves, who spoke and created the world to help you, protect you and be by your side every day. In the heart of the angel there is a diamond, which indicates that the power of the angel comes from within. The angel is a symbol of innocence, protector and guardian.

The image of the Diamond Angel is surrounded by a white glow that represents itspurity. It gives a person courage, self-confidence, does not allow you to stray from thepath and watches over you day and night. The Diamond Angel protects not only you,but everyone in close connection with you. mARTin Diamond created it out of purelove and from the bottom of her heart.
The Diamond Angel will choose its owner itself.

The physical work is currently on sale with NFT's digital twin on Opensea, thelargest trading platform.