mARTin Diamond is a Slovak rising star who is forging a new path in the field of art consisting of very exclusive and breathtaking pictorial works, which with their unique combinations of techniques and highly intricate detailed complex work with luxury components, such as pure gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, precious stones and crystal, is unparalleled in the world.

And there is much more. Due to her unique creation, each future work undergoes a very lengthy and special technological process. So new artwork is very time-consuming and time-limited. A prospective client waits up to 1 year from the start of the order and delivery of the work for the painting to be completed and delivered. mARTin Diamond already sees future progress in special technological processes, which he wants to follow next year and which you can look forward to at the opening in Asia and the USA. As a bonus, every NFT Diamond Puzzle holder can look forward to the upcoming new NFT investment series, which will give the investor literally huge investment benefits and added value.

This is what makes these artistic gems a very interesting item that is not for everyone. mARTin Diamond is already one of the most expensive living artists in Europe.

The artist is certain that the great value of the work lies not only in the very demanding interconnection of painting and jewellery techniques, but mainly in the power of symbolism that comes through the artworks to their owners and offers brings them great meaning in the form of property protection, business, improved mental and physical health, improved interpersonal and partner relationships.

 The artist creates her works of art not only with her talent and great attention to detail, but most importantly with her pure intention and heart. That is why her works literally change the lives of their owners and fascinate the observer with their beauty and luxury. The works also have a strong positive effect on the human psyche and soul. So it is now up to you to decide whether you want to experience these wonderful feelings and enjoy looking at the paintings in your own space and time.

Painting Commissions

What would it be like to beautify your space with an original painting by mARTin Diamond? What if you could secure a piece of work tailored exactly to your liking.mARTin Diamond devotes extreme preparation and care for each commissioned painting. 

Together you will create a vision and a direction for the work. The goal is to make sure that the future work adds substantial value for you and exceeds your expectations with the result. Thus acquiring a status of exceptionality and uniqueness, just like its future owner.Contact us to secure your exclusive work today.