The unique artwork created by mARTin Diamond has been named Allatra. The symbol in its center, called Allantra, signifies a direct connection between humans and God, divine power, and energy. 

This symbol is constantly active and interacts with both the visible and invisible world, whether one understands it or not. Allatra is truly a powerful symbol that enables the accumulation and multiplication of the power of Allat, the power that comes directly from God. We live in a material world, but everything material is temporary, and the only thing that remains is our soul. If one calms their mind and connects with their soul in positive harmony, they can wish for anything and it will come true because they are communicating directly with God through it.

The artwork Allatra is the most powerful energetic artwork because the artist mARTin Diamond meditated for 90 days during its creation and transferred immense power and energy into it. She activated the Allatra symbol, which has a beneficial effect on its owner. It will help them in whatever life brings them, whether they believe in this symbol or not, because it is connected directly to the highest power and transmits positive power and energy to its future owner. The Allatra artwork incorporates clear zircons, 24k gold, and is encased in resin. It uses 7 combined techniques and creates a 3D effect.