Wise Monkeys

The monkeys suggest with their gestures, "hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." The first monkey, covering its eyes, is called Mizaru. The second monkey, covering its ears and not listening to bad words, is named Kikazaru. The third monkey, covering its mouth and not apologizing, is called Iwazaru.

These monkeys correspond to Buddhist teachings. They were first introduced by a younger Buddha. They are meant to express that they represent divine creation, hear and speak about it, yet actually behave as if they neither see, hear, nor speak. Do not look at what is not right, do not listen to what is not right, and do not speak what is not right.

Maintain your life force in perfect calmness, and your body will harmonize on its own. Do not exhaust your body, do not squander your life essence, and you will live long. Guard your inner self, close yourself off from the outside, as too much knowledge is harmful.

Artist mARTin Diamond believes that if people behave like these three monkeys, they will lead a beautiful, harmonious life without fear and negative emotions. This spiritual attitude towards oneself will attract only goodness and good people. These Wise Monkeys are inseparable; they form a whole that must be together, as one cannot exist without the other. They guide their future owner towards a peaceful life, free from evil, slander, and negative energy from people.

Thus, through these Wise Monkeys artworks, mARTin Diamond conveys the message, "LIVE SO THAT YOU LIVE YOUR LIFE IN POSITIVE VIBRATIONS."


30 x 30

In the artwork "Monkey MIZARU," several techniques were used, including Italian materials that change color. Clear zircons, Swarovski elements, 14k white gold, and 24k yellow gold were incorporated. 


30 x 30

The artwork "Monkey KIKAZARU" is made from high-quality Italian textured materials composed of tiny turquoise-colored fibers. The piece incorporates clear zircons, Swarovski elements, and 24k yellow gold.

30 x 30

The artwork "Monkey IWAZARU" features high-quality Italian textured sand materials in an antique rose color. The piece includes clear zircons, Swarovski elements, and 14k white gold.