Silver Luck Flower

Gold techniques & Swarovski elements

 The Silver Luck Flower is a unique and luxurious work of art created by mARTin Diamond that captures the 3D ancient symbol of the flower of life in all its diversity, beauty and uniqueness. This perfect symbol is considered the most powerful symbol.

The significance of Silver Luck Flower is that it has encoded within it a pattern of sacred geometry and a basic form of space and time that will help the observer to understand their mind and unite body and spirit.

The work can be used wherever we feel imbalance, for healing and to gain new insights and awareness. Thanks to the work's of the energy source of the cosmic force, it can charge pure energy and has a fascinating calming effect on the observer.

The symbol of the work can be found in almost all religions of ancient civilizations. It can be found in Egypt, Israel, Japan, India, Europe and Tibet.

130 x 150

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Luxury jewelry, gemstones and pure white gold were incorporated into the imagery of Silver Luck Flower. The painting was created in the Netherlands and is part of a collection of epic works being prepared for exhibition in the USA and Asia.

The physical work is currently on sale with NFT's digital twin on Opensea.