mARTin Diamond


mARTin Diamond has created a tree of life that symbolizes the center of energy, connection of earth with heaven, stability, wisdom, elements of earth, fire, water and air. 

Life is one big challenge. Every day comes new situations that offer us new opportunities on ours the way of life. Everything is connected to everything and it is not easy to choose the right path. Looking at the luxurious design of the Tree of Life by mARTin Diamond, the observer is connected all wisdom by connecting the subconscious part of the mind with the personality and the soul. It organizes thoughts and will create unique and unique opportunities and chances to gain even more wisdom and return to fundamental values ​​of life. 

The tree of life has thus been an important part and helper since the beginnings of civilization self-knowledge and it is therefore not surprising that the symbolism of the tree has taken over for many religion and mythology.