Fatima Hamsa

Pure gold techniques - brilliant
140 x 70

Enter your text The artwork supports fertility and a healthy pregnancy. The hand symbolizing the fingers brings luck, boosts confidence, dispels fear, protects against misfortune, and safeguards the weak and the ill. A hand that blesses and heals.

The Hamsa protects against the evil eye, which is why this symbol is adorned with an eye. Fingers brought together symbolize and attract good fortune. The name Fatima means "she who speaks the truth," the one with whom angels speak, the lady from the heavens. It signifies praiseworthy, separated from impurities, symbolizing spiritual purity, contentment, goodness, and blessings.

Gazing upon this potent symbol imparts a sense of calm and the feeling that something strong and supernatural is protecting one in this world, halting all the malevolent forces that may be lurking. It's a divine shield. In the artistic creation of the Hamsa - Hand of Fatima, several combined techniques were employed. Clear zircons, Swarovski elements, 14k white gold, and 24k yellow gold were used. These metallic components amplify the magical attributes of the symbol.

Artist mARTin Diamond believes and knows that this miraculous symbol will aid anyone in need, as she crafted it from the depths of her heart.