The Unification

White gold techniques & zircons

The Unification, as the name suggests, is the unification of all wisdoms and absolutes from which the whole universe has arisen. This exclusive image is comprised of 4.4 billion year old cubic zirconia and white gold. The work symbolizes the principle of a state of peace from the past, present and future.

Looking at the luxurious 3D design of the graphic rendering of the sacred mantra OM, 4 arcs can be perceived, which characterize the four states of consciousness. The lower arch symbolizes waking. Everyone in this state of consciousness spends a significant part of their life doing, performing, thinking and realizing their evaluation. Man is awake in this state. The upper smaller arch symbolizes a deep sleep in which the mind ceases to be aware of itself. The arc between the lower and upper symbolizes dreaming.

80 x 90

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It is a mental connection where the senses do not work outwards. We are not connected to the outside world. The point above the highest arc shows the state of the turia. It is the absolute consciousness of oneness and the feeling of the primordial vibration. It is separated by a semicircle, which symbolizes maya (an illusion we perceive separately in the phenomenal world from the primordial).

The painting The Unification belongs to a collection of exhibitions-investment paintings that are being prepared for exhibition in the USA and Asia.

The physical work is currently on sale with NFT's digital twin on Opensea, the largest trading platform.