Golden Horous Eye

Pure gold techniques & brilliant 

Golden Horous Eye is a unique work of art by mARTin Diamond. The uniqueness of the image comes from 21 combined techniques, 3D structured details and the use of noble materials such as 24 carat pure gold, crystals, cubic zirconia and brilliant cut diamonds.

130 x 170

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The great added value of the Golden Horous Eye artwork is its significance in the power of the symbolism that reigns at its center. The Eye of Horus has been the most powerful and important protection against evil forces for thousands of years. 

 The work of mARTin Diamond conveys and imparts great wisdom, insight, preparedness and foresight to the observer across time and space. Golden Horous Eye also provides the observer with protective power against envy, resentment, financial loss, ill health and toxic relationships.


The painting Golden Horous Eye belongs among the exhibition paintings being prepared for exhibition in the USA and Asia.

 The physical work is currently on sale with NFT's digital twin on Opensea.