The Connections 

Pure-medium technigues

The painting The Connection consists of a special pouring technique with macro details and a 3D combination of 24 carat ducat pure gold, 12 carat white gold and precious stones. 

100 x 100

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The symbol in the center of the yin - yang painting has its origins in ancient Chinese philosophy and describes two opposing and complementary forces that are found in every living and non - living part of the universe.

Jin (Chinese pchin-jinem yīn, simplified characters tradiční, traditional 陰), "dark place, north" is a darker element; it is darkly energetic, feminine and corresponds to night. Jin is often symbolized by water and earth.

Yang (Chinese pinyin yang, simplified characters tradiční, traditional 陽) south) is a lighter element; he looks cheerful, active, bright, masculine and corresponds to the day. Yang is often symbolized by wind and fire.

The work belongs to a collection of exhibition works that are being prepared for an exhibition in the USA and Asia.

The physical work is currently on sale with the NFT digital twin on the largest Opensea.