Everything is digital


Everything is digital. Your friends, your work and your identity.

And now, with cryptocurrencies, your property is becoming digital. Bored Ape Yacht Club are new Rolexes. Fortnite skins are new skinny jeans.

When you move forward another 10-20 years - we move on to the metaverse. The moment at which the digital world becomes more important to us than the physical. Previously, 99% of our attention was focused on the physical environment. Televisions have reduced it to 85%. Computers at 70% .Phones ... 50% If we're talking about Generation Z, we're moving in even smaller percentages.

Our attention has shifted from the physical world to the digital.

And where attention goes, energy flows and where it grows. If now 50% of our attention is on the digital screen, then 50% of our energy goes into our digital life. 

Today, it costs us some effort to take the phone out of our pockets and look at it.

Very soon a company will make smart glasses, which we will have in front of our eyes all day. 

From 50% of the attention paid to the screens, we get to more than 90%. This is when the metaverse begins. Because at that moment, our virtual life becomes more important than our real life. 

Is it good or bad? Like everything, it's neither good nor bad. It just depends on how we handle it and how we use the metaverse. We are convinced that within the META Diamond Investment investor group, we bring great added value in the form of shared valuable information from the META environment. This is also the reason why we currently offer a unique chance and opportunity to selected partners.