Why celebrities and global brands are releasing NFTs?


Shakira, Tiger Woods, Floyd Mayweather, Jay-Z, Serena Williams, Lionel Messi, Mercedes, TIME magazine, Snoop Dogg, NIKE, ADIDAS, PEPSI, Visa... These are just the few brands releasing their own NFTs for community valuation and growth.

How does it actually work ?

If I buy an NFT of a favorite celebrity or brand, it's not just a collectible ! Suddenly I have a financial interest in its continued growth. I suddenly become a shareholder and a partner in the value of the brand. Consequently, I profit from it, which makes me a more enthusiastic collector and to some extent a business partner.

The strength of the NFT is that it is a WIN-WIN for both sides. The brand monetizes its community and raises funds from both initial and future sales of NFTs. The NFT holder receives the great added value that the brand provides and offers. In the case of the mARTin Diamond brand, one example is possessing an NFT Diamond Puzzle - twelve Gods painting, thanks to which the partner gains exclusive access to VIP openings, virtual conferences and the live business parties of investors and businesspersons from all over the world, as well as access and the possibility of investing in artworks before they are put on sales platforms, special discounts and much more.

Everything works when holding the artist NFT and the holder has an interest in the continued growth of the brand. It makes them feel part of something they believe in. And if the brand grows and the community grows in the future he/she can sell his/her NFT for several times more what he/she bought it for.For example, Snoop Dogg bought a virtual plot of land and is organizing private parties and concerts for NFT holders.TIME magazine gives holders access to non-public information and sections of its website.Gary Vee prepares conferences for his NFT holders.The magic of an NFT is that it rewards community members and investors who believe in the brand from the very beginning. Those who come in early, understand the brand vision and place their trust in it are rewarded beyond measure in the event of growth. NFT holders thus receive value while they themselves have a vested interest in the continued growth of their brand. It's a beautiful symbiosis that strengthens the community, the individual members and the value of the brand as a whole.

This two-sided WIN-WIN principle and opportunity is financially attractive to fans and collectors, who are then happy to share in the success and growth of their favorite brand. This is also one of the main reasons why I believe that NFTs are going to undergo a huge boom.If an NFT makes sense to you and you would like to start working with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The very exclusive NFT Diamond Puzzle - twelve Gods collection has already been prepared for new partners, securing you a share of the brand's profits and membership in a highly fascinating investor community from the very beginning.