How to understand the future and what will happen next?


Back in 2000, newspapers wrote that the Internet is just a temporary madness that has no future ...

Today, there is a generation of new millionaires and billionaires who have created their fortunes in an unusually short time thanks to the Internet. The question is, what's next?
 You may have wondered what it would be like ... - 
Invest in Amazon shares in 2001? To buy bitcoins in 2010 and keep them to this day - Predict the NFT mania of 2021 (and buy CryptoPunks in 2018)? If we had a "crystal ball", it would be easy. Because we don't have it, we often follow FOMO (fear of missing) and invest in new technologies only when a wider circle of people around us do it. Unfortunately, it is too late. If you were to invest in Amazon stock at a time when the dotcom bubble burst and newspapers wrote that the Internet was a dead end and there probably wouldn't be any of them ... then you would be one of the few ... If you bought bitcoin in 2010 and kept it to this day, then you will be one of the few ... If you were already collecting CryptoPunks NFT in 2017, you would be one of the few ... But beware, being "one of the few" is not enough! To do the opposite of most markets, to buy when others sell, and to sell when others buy may seem like the right approach, but ... If you bought Nokia stock 5 years after the iPhone launch, you would probably be one of the few ... but too much success would not expect you. If we are talking about investing in technology, the key is: Get DeLorean and visit the future! And I mean it. Seeing the future better than others is crucial ... Most invest based on presence. What they're talking about NOW. If you invest your time and money based on future developments, you will recognize "another bitcoin" - read as another exponential technology. The problem is that most of us don't have DeLorean in front of the house ...

But nothing is lost. Even if you don't have a time machine at the moment, the principle is still the same: INVEST ON THE BASIS OF THE FUTURE! First understand the long-term context, take the time, do not rush and do NOT invest based on the presence and current FOMO.

Although it sometimes doesn't seem like there are, there are and always will be so many technological opportunities that nothing can escape us, but ... We need to UNDERSTAND THE FUTURE and understand the context before I invest. 

If I see the future more accurately than most others, and understand the context that others do not see, I will significantly increase my chances of success. To understand the future, I first invest my time:

1) I will start learning about the possibilities and development of future technologies.) I will be surrounded by people who are interested in the topics of future technologies and invest in them.) They will gradually start investing in future technologies themselves learn by doing.)

Going back to the beginning, "Have you ever wished you could find a 'new bitcoin' before most people?" Possible. But it is a process. A process that doesn't start with investing frantically in everything others buy. A process that doesn't rely on the chance that "maybe I'll hit you once". A process that depends on learning and understanding future possibilities. The process by which I think about the future. A process in which I do not think only of technology, but also of social use and the principles of human psychology. This is the way to start.

The moment you start learning about the future, you will discover a circle of people with a common interest. Thanks to this community, you learn about new technologies and opportunities faster than before. You have better resources. You are literally at the source. You talk about things that ordinary people outside don't even know about. You think about what others don't see yet. You have the space to invest on time. Start your own business. Participate in the development of things that can become "another bitcoin". To sum it up in one sentence: "Before you pull out your wallet to buy a crypto, NFT, start a virtual reality business, etc., first invest time to understand the context." Think about the future and surround yourself with people who are thinking the same thing. Persevere. Be patient.

If you do this for a long time, then I'm almost sure you'll recognize "another bitcoin" when the average person has no idea. If it makes sense of what is being written here and you want to join the community of investors who have decided to invest in the NFT from mARTin Diamond, there is a great chance and opportunity in the new META Diamond Investment online community.