Czech artists and galleries have discovered the art of the future. Investors are late.


The trend of digital works, or NFT, gained in popularity during the pandemic. Czech galleries and artists are now joining him. But it will still be time for Czechs to get used to digital art. However, retailers see it as a great opportunity.

Culture is also moving into the digital world. Some refer to digital works or the NFT as the art of the future. It is original digital content, the value of which can reach several million dollars. "The advantage is that you really have the original. So while you can copy a classic digital photo infinitely many times, it's not possible with the NFT, you can only sell it." This trend is experiencing a boom especially during the pandemic, when artists experienced a crisis due to canceled exhibitions and restrictions on tourism. The growth of the NFT market was also affected by the increasing value of cryptocurrencies that buyers can pay for art. "Due to the high price of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the first and second quarters of 2021, many people investing in the crypt got rich suddenly and relatively easily. They also invested in the NFT."

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